5 reasons to study Medicine

Doctor stetescope medicine

Maybe your dad’s a doctor as was his father before him. Maybe you’ve always known this is the path for you as well, but of late you’ve had some doubts. Will there be enough jobs by the time you graduate? Will you be paid enough? Will being a doctor be depressing having to deal with sickness all the time?

Here are some points to consider before embarking on a medical journey:

  1. IT WILL BE A CHALLENGE – Life as a doctor will be an exciting challenge. There are bound to be days where you wish you hadn’t chosen this path because of the challenges that come your way. However, overcoming these challenges will make you stronger and a better human being, not to mention a better doctor. Who wants a dull and predictable life anyway? You are a doctor, push yourself to the limit and then see how high you soar.
  2. AT THE CUTTING-EDGE OF INNOVATION – Medicine is a fast evolving field. Scientists and doctors are creating breakthroughs in all sorts of areas, from anaesthesiology to orthopaedic surgery. You will be contributing to this field of work, and one day could even lead this field.
  3. OPPORTUNITY TO BE THE BEST – Medical professionals who are the best in the field are coveted. There is nothing to stop you from reaching the pinnacle and being in demand wherever you go.
  4. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION – Managing disease and dealing with the human body can be extremely fulfilling. You will be dealing firsthand with patients, helping them create a best practise that will suit them and their lifestyle. You will be part of solution to a difficult situation.
  5. BRING HOPE – You will be a beacon of hope to hundreds of patients and their families. From providing answers and medical care, you will be the voice of reason, the shoulder to lean on and most importantly, you will be the face of assurance and hope. What a marvellous way to bring meaning to your own life.

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