The Foundation in Science that’s right for you


Now that your SPM results are out, this is the perfect time to make some decisions. What’s the next for you? Should you do the STPM? What about a pre-university programme like matriculation or foundation?

Do consider the Geomatika Foundation in Science as an option for you pre-university needs.

The Geomatika Foundation in Science is simply unique!

Why? Because intakes are not fixed to just two months a year, but are carried out all year long! Isn’t that just brilliant?

The Foundation in Science could lead to majors in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy and piloting. The Foundation programme requires 5 SPM credits in Mathematics, and either Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Additional Mathematics, and any other three subjects.

The advantages of the Geomatika Foundation in Science is threefold. Apart from the certification from the Foundation Programme, all students will receive a certificate from University of Cambridge ESOL examination. There will also be exposure on clinical training at a government hospital. O-levels is available for those who have not met the requirements.

More information can be found here.


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