Best paying jobs in Malaysia

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.jpgDid you know the best paying jobs in the country include those in the fields of science and medicine? Surveys have shown that some of the top paying jobs in Malaysia are those with a technical aspect. A couple of years ago, Jobstreet carried out a survey that concluded that the top paying jobs for fresh graduates included pharmacy and medicine in the top 4. Geophysics and actuarial science made the top 1o!

Yes, science is said to be one of the tougher options in terms of the subjects you have to study, but the opportunities in the real world are numerous. There are opportunities to go into research and you could be pivotal to the next breakthroughs in science and medicine.

With the right foundation programme, your years in university could be highly rewarding and your job prospects healthy. The decision you make right now could set you on the right path towards an exciting and fulfilling career. Talk to us about our foundation programme. We have scholarships and bursaries that could aid you in getting your foot into the doors of science and medicine. Take that step today!


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