Great foundation to take you further

library-1400312_1280Have you wondered how well you will fare in your medical exams? Does it keep you up at night wondering if you have ability and capacity to cope with the stresses of medical school?

A great foundation will get you far. It will set the groundwork for you to step confidently into life at medical school. With the right grounding, you can be assured that you are as good as your peers if not better. A great pre-university programme would also enable you to better participate in learning and ask questions that will enhance your knowledge.

An Argentinian university recently made the news when only two percent of its medical students passed their basic modules at the start of their degrees. The extremely low pass rate at the National University of La Plata prompted the country’s education minister to call for better basic education in schools.

Of the 3,100 enrolled medical students at the university’s School of Medicine this year to take the term-time assessments, a whopping 98 percent failed their introductory courses in biology, anatomy and histology. The call included asking universities to participate in strengthening education quality before university.

Argentina may be far from home, but education quality is something that is equally as important any side of the world. Get yourself the best grounding for a great start at university. Talk to us about our Foundation in Science programme. Intakes are all year round, and in just 12 months you will have the necessary grounding to set you on your way towards your medical degree.



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